Tears in the Gaza Strip.

No, let me start off by saying that I am not anti-semitic, so I won’t even entertain garbage stating so.

Now, my thoughts on the crisis in the Gaza Strip…

It seems to me that the raw truth as to why Israel is always being attacked is quite a trip.

They seem to have forgotten about a Zionist paramilitary group, called “The Irgun”, that was thoroughly rotten.

“The Irgun” is short for “Ha-Irgun Ha-Tzvai Ha-Leumi be-Eretz Yisrael”, or “The National Military Organization in the Land of Israel”, with the goal to chase out of Palestine and kill the non-Jewish people.

Between 1931 to 1938, with money collected from Jews around the world and The States, would buy machine guns, bullets, and grenades by the crates.

Years before the young United Nations could cut a deal, The Irgun, with weapons of steel, butchered and massacred innocent, unarmed Palestinian farmer people.

I would expect that a group that barely survived mass murder, in all kinds of horrific fashion, would know and be hungry to show more compassion.

When the new nation, Israel, was finally established, more than 800,000, from what was Palestine, where immediately banished.

Palestinians that remained were collected, into slums, herded up,  just like the Jews in the ghettos of Europe.

I don’t think the Middle East will ever see peace or be of much fun, when a group insists on calling itself “Those Chosen Ones”.

With so many religious conflicts around the world, too many to list, the planet should become a sphere of freethinkers…be Atheist! 😀

So come on, Israel, get with it! It’s the 21st century. Accept what you’ve done, shake hands, make peace, and cut the bullshit!


News: Apostrophe Causes Roadside Brawl

Today, I have a  fake news story I will leave, concerning a pet peeve.

I wrote it partly to entertain and partly to my frustrations detain.

It concerns the issue of the grammatical apostrophe, which is often misused and sometimes even abused.

So without further adieu, I’ll post the story for you.  🙂

Apostrophe Causes Roadside Brawl

Dis-Associated Press (DAP) Wire      By Victor Moreyra

 NEARNOTHING, Florida (DAP) — A brawl ensued near the southwest corner of the intersection at Chestnut Highway and Amber Road this afternoon when a man painted over an apostrophe on a roadside sign.

At approximately 3 p.m., a man in his seventies stopped at the curb in front of large, white plywood sign with hand-painted black lettering, that belonged to Beach Lumber Yard, and stated, “STORAGE SHACK’S”. The man, armed with a paint brush and a small can of white paint, got out of his car and began to paint over the improperly employed apostrophe in the word, “SHACK’S”.

The owner of the lumberyard, also in his seventies, spotted the man with the painting “arsenal” from his office and ran out to confront him. A heated verbal exchange suddenly turned into what one eyewitness described as “…a comical roadside brawl between two clearly uncoordinated septuagenarians”. Another witness said, “It looked more like a hugging match than a fight”. The public altercation caused rubbernecking, a couple of fender benders, and some bellyaches from laughter until the police arrived to quell the battle.

When asked what drove him to paint the sign the man with the paint can and brush, Mr. Whipple, explained, “Of all the poor grammar I see, I can’t fucking stand the improper use of apostrophes! It drives me goddamn nuts! And this shit (referring to the sign) has been up for weeks like this!”

Mr. Whipple, argued that, “With all the money spent on education through taxes, lotteries, etc., bad teachers should be purged from academia.”

“Every time someone puts up a sign with incorrect grammar, that person’s academic background should be investigated to find every fucking English teacher they ever had! Every one of those shit-for-brains teachers should be fucking fired!” he exclaimed. “If they’re retired, their pensions should be revoked! If they’re dead, their grave should be shat on!” exclaimed Mr. Whipple.

And, yes, Mr. Whipple is correct…that’s “shat on”, not “shitted on”, as the term “shat” is the proper past-tense of shit, according to the Webster’s dictionary.

“And,” continued Mr. X, “the live ones should all be required to pay back all the salary they were paid! There are enough retards in this world. The last thing we need is to have them teaching our children and turn out more retards!” he said.

The owner of the lumberyard did not comment and wished not be identified but was clearly embarrassed by his incorrect usage of the apostrophe.

No injuries were reported and no charges were filed.

Newly hatched!

Since this a new endeavor for me,  I am starting very generically.

My intention is to create a blog about life with common sense, a life made simple by cutting out the b-s.

It may not always be agreeable, likely to offend, but that’s only because I refuse to pretend.

Some of the issues will be stripped to the bones simply because I don’t see life in rose-tinted tones.

For this page of blog I will eventually change the title and look because, hopefully, this blog will lead to a book!

It’s also likely that as I pickup steam my writing won’t rhyme, because the writing takes much brain power and time.

And since I’m really kind of mellow, a generally very unpretentious fellow, I will attempt to abstain from even attempting to create feats such as Keats (as far as you probably know it, I far from being a real poet).

So a big thanks to those who may follow and I hope that my words will ring true, not hollow, enjoying a ride cruising at a good stride.